What are they like, what services do they offer and how can you find the nearest one?

Would you like to meet young people and share your passions, ideas and projects? Are you searching for a place where you can freely express your creativity, tackle important issues, find help for your training, job seeking or start a new business?

The Youth Centres located in the Region will meet your needs!

They are multi-functional areas where the main players are boys and girls like you, who want to meet with each other, develop significant relationships, access several free services related to their needs and desires, undertake creative, cultural, recreational and sport activities. Also, youth centres provide training and information support.

There, the young are not final users but have an active role in launching new projects. The staff work hard to boost theirs skills throughout a shared and informed schedule of activities.

Regione Emilia-Romagna has been promoting youth policies for a long time, allocating funds for activities and facilities.

This is why today a wide range of opportunities is available at a local level, ranging from creativity oriented to cultural integration based projects, vocational guidance, entrepreneurial advice for new businesses, start-ups, cooperatives, language tutoring, drama and writers’ clubs.

You will also find recording studios, study rooms, co-working areas, internet hotspots, sport centres,Informagiovani desks and much more.

Find the nearestyouth centre.



Training, job searching, overseas opportunities and voluntary work: ask for advice before you choose!

Thanks to technology, information today is much more easily accessible than in the past. Newspapers, radio, TV, Internet, word of mouth have brought information at your fingertips but also less reliable and this is usually a big problem for people.

Also, comfort may be taken by those who have already gone through certain life experiences, and can help you understand the best way to accomplish one goal or, before that, to set a brand new goal.

For this reason, Informagiovani service, finanziato dalla Regione Emilia-Romagna attraverso bandi, (financed by Regione Emilia-Romagna with calls for new projects) is considered to be a powerful local resource where young people, like you, may find integration, information and orientation.

With the help of the staff, you can be informed about:

  • Trainingcourses;
  • Job openings;
  • Overseas opportunities;
  • Voluntary and free time activities.

At Informagiovani points you can also attend public meetings, read newspapers and magazines, use Internet hotspots.

In Emilia-Romagna, Informagiovani points can be managed by either State-own bodies or private bodies or both but this won’t make any difference to the final users since all services are free of charge and meant to offer effective support.

Yearly, over one million of young men and women are provided with this service, homogenously widespread on a regional basis. Use our map to find the nearest one!


Are you between 14 and 29 years old? This card is perfect for you.

The YoungERcard is a free of charge card created by Regione Emilia-Romagna for the young who live, study and work in our region. It offers a range of benefits to access cultural and sport services (theatres, cinemas and gyms) and price reductions in many retailers.

Read the list of current offers!

The YoungERcard is a card of active citizenship too which shows your commitments in voluntary related projects made in cooperation with local authorities, associations, universities, schools, sports centres, clubs and social cooperatives. You may employ few hours of your free time for activities related to environmental, social, cultural, sport, caretaking and recreational issues in order to make a real difference in the community where you live. Your commitment and care will be rewarded at the end of the project.

Do you need further details about the above mentioned activities and categories? Learn more!

The young Ercard is easy to get: visit any of the Ercard points located in the Region, fill in the form and you will receive your card. You don’t need to renew it because it will automatically expire when you turn 30. Use the map to find the nearest Ercard point!

Learn more


Every year, youth commitment is rewarded by Regione Emilia Romagna. See the video of 2016 Celebration Day 
Read the report: Con la youngERcard i giovani diventano protagonisti attivi sul territorio


The opposite of life is not death, but indifference” (E. Wiesel)

Every time you donate your time, ideas and energies to the community where you live, you add new stories, relationships, awareness and responsibility to your life.
This is a unique opportunity that will enrich your future in many different ways, in terms of career and training opportunities, for example.



If you want to live this type of experience you can contact one of the Voluntary Associations that are located in Emilia-Romagna.Check out the regional data bank and select the project that best suits you.

Two more resources developed by Regione Emilia-Romagna are also available:

  • Regional register of the voluntary organizations. This is a list of all independent organizations, freely founded with charity purposes, which are located and work in the regional area. The enrolment to this register grants some economic and administrative benefits to the organization along with the opportunity to gain the ONLUS fiscal status.
  • silRegistro regionale delle associazioni di promozione socialeThis Register lists the associations which safeguard, on a non-profit basis, collective interests, developing activities of social promotion in favor of the members and third parties. The enrolment to this register too brings benefits to the organization.

If you want to know more about the difference between Associazione di Volontariato (Voluntary Association) and Associazione di Promozione Sociale (Social Promotion Association), read further. Briefly, the first one is identified by free admission and social solidarity. The second one is identified by socially oriented activities addressed to the members of the Association too and possible earnings for them.

Lear more (pdf, 6.3 KB)

Furthermore, Unioni di Comuni (Municipal Unions) envisaged additional local registers of associations made for voluntary purposes and social promotion. Read the website of your Municipal Union or your Municipality.

Also, you can start a new Association. Strong motivation and determination are required but that won’t be too difficult to do.

Here, in short, are the first steps to take:

  1. Set and share social goals with the founding members (three people are formally enough, but basically at least ten people are needed).
  2. During the first formal Assembly, write and ratify the Articles of Association and the Statue. The Statue regulates the mission and the activities of the association; it sets the tasks of the members, together with their rights and duties. There are different kinds of Associations (ranging from voluntary based, to social promotion, sports and many more). The Articles of Association is a formal declaration of will made by a group of people that associated with each other and shared goals.
  3. Deposit the original copy of the Statue and of the Articles of the Association at the Register Office which is usually located at the Income Revenue Authority (Agenzia delle Entrate) and ask for your Tax Code (Codice Fiscale) that will be needed only in case you sell goods and services. VAT number (Partita IVA) can be also requested.
  4. Although it is not mandatory, we suggest to enroll your Association to the afferent regional registers, in order to be granted due benefits.

The question is often about whether a voluntary association can do business. The answer is: Yes, they can, as long as business is not meant to be the primary aim of the association. It means that the difference between the earnings (donations, incomes from sales, etc.) and the expenditures (expenses, reimbursements, etc.) which makes the profit of the association, cannot be spread among members but must be reallocated in some other activities promoted by the association itself.

In case you need some advice to set up a new Association or if you want to start a volunteering activity with some of the existing associations, you can contact one of the Service Centres for Voluntary Work (Centri di Servizio per il Volontariato) which deal with training, counselling, information and logistic help and are connected to volunteering organization and volunteers.

Find the nearest centre.



If you want to add commitment and passion to your life, then the Civil Service is the challenge you need to take up! It is not compulsory and involves young boys and girls aged between 18 and 28years old, Italian citizens, EU citizens and registered NON- EU citizens. It takes place in Italy or overseas. According to the Act regulating it, the National Civil Service provides protection to our Country with non-military means and applies the principles of social solidarity and commitment for the common wellbeing as stated by our Constitution.

It represents a unique opportunity to play an active role in the society, in order to become decision makers, learn team working, increase personal perception, find out more about one’s personality and become more responsible. Civil Service will change your life that, in a period of time as short as 12 months, will become more valuable.

If you do your Civil Service in offices and organizations you will gain abilities and personal skills. You will enjoy one year of valuable and engaging training and also a great opportunity to earn money: you will get a monthly reimbursement of € 433.80. Insurance policy will also cover the full length of the project. Some universities also accept credits for specific projects.

You can also have a tailor-made Civil Service! If you are particularly interested in individuals and society, you can engage in activities about caretaking, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and social re-integration. If you are more environmentally oriented, you can take part in a project about eco-friendly and forestry issues or civil protection. If you are more interested in culture, there are interesting projects about promotion, education and safeguarding of the artistic heritage. Follow your passions, your inclinations and discover new interests. You will live new experiences that will help you and your surrounding world to grow.

Contact the office in charge of coordinating the network of Civil Service, namely Coordinamento Provinciale degli Enti di Servizio Civile (Co.Pr.E.S.C.) of your province in order to get useful details about local projects and be advised about the option that best suits you. Lear more.

Read the website of the National Civil Service (Servizio Civile Nazionale) and call the toll free number 800.507005 (landline number only from Italy) to learn more about the projects offered by private organizations and public administrations: calls for projects and how to take part. The working hours will be set by the board according to the type of project involved, and will be stated in the project (usually 30 hours/week or 1400 hours /year). Note that you are allowed to submit only one application per call and you must hand it in in due time to the board in charge of the project; candidates will be selected accordingly. Successively, the Department of Youth and Civil Service will launch the project with the selected candidates. Download from website the form to fill in and submit it according to deadlines. This is a very important opportunity for yourself and for your community.

Regione Emilia-Romagna extended Civil Service to youth up to the age of 29, regardless citizenship, and already from the age of 15, then to adults and elderly.
The regional Civil Service is flexible: it lasts from 6 to 11 months, 15 to 20 or 25 weekly hours, 4 or 5 days a week. The commitment of individuals increases their community’s well-being. In 2003 Regione Emilia-Romagna extended Civil Service to citizens from other countries (and in 2014 they started to take part in NCS), to boys and girls aged 15 to 18, adults and elderly. Everyone can contribute in their own unique and valuable way with a helpful and active role. In Emilia-Romagna, Civil Service is everyone’s heritage.

Civil Service can also take place abroad. If you are interested in this type of experience out of Italy, read more see our pageABROAD




If you want the world to become a better place, you can make a real difference!

Boys and girls like you need to become active protagonists in the society where we all live, feeling motivated in playing their role as political and institutional influencers and being inspired by principles of economy, development and sustainability that will affect their actions.

Your active role as responsible citizen implies taking part in the building of the future, searching for answers, pushing institutions for new measures, feeling the urgent need of improving the world.

For this reason, we support projects, based on calls, aimed at promoting the culture of legality so to widespread constitutional values and support activities in favour of interaction between different cultures. We therefore develop a continuous and deep dialogue with institutions.

Here are some of the projects that we have been promoting for years, together with the young, the schools, the Local Authorities and the associations working on a regional level.



Young generations are strongly determined and committed in the fight against crime and mafia. This is made evident by the high rates of their participation in projects connected to seized properties, enrolments to university degree and post-graduate course dealing with social themes, the increased number of young writers’ publications, printed dossiers, demonstrations and events held in schools and associations located in Emilia Romagna.

The young are the main anti-bodies against all types of mafia.

The ratification of the Act on Legality was aimed at strengthening the support shown by Regione Emilia-Romagna to these projects where the young have a leading role.

Information is the most powerful weapon against organized crime. If you are graduated and you want to return the mafia seized properties to your community, the post-graduate course at Pio la Torre named “Management and Re-use of companies seized from mafia” promoted and sponsored by Associazione Libera seems perfect for you. Read more on the website.

Keep updated! You can read reports, papers, articles from the page “Criminalità Organizzata" (Organized Crime) of the Regione Emilia-Romagna portal and from the website of the Library of the Legislative Assembly of the Region della Regione


Young generationsdescribed in - Politicamente Scorretto 2016 - Watch the video
Youth’s Policy and culture of Legality: - See the Counsellor Massimo Mezzetti’s interview.
A Bologna un Master dedicato a Pio La Torre - Dossier
Comune e Università al lavoro insieme per la legalità: l'Osservatorio di Forlì - Dossier
Il parco e la legalità: nuova vita al podere confiscato - Dossier



Your commitment in the creation of a better future starts from you awareness of the recent past. Young people have increasingly grown interested in recent history, places connected to the past and their protagonists.

We have ratified a regional act on Promotion and Support of the Historical Memory of the 20thcentury in Emilia Romagna since we believe that all young people deserve the opportunity to know and understand different aspects, also the most controversial ones, connected to the recently finished century. Furthermore they need to learn history not only from schoolbooks or commemorative events, but also employing new technological devices.

With the regional act, we are promoting many projects that may interest and involve you. Here are the calls for projects: i bandi della Giunta regionale and progetti attivati dall'Assemblea Legislativa.


("Una legge per la Memoria per costruire il nostro futuro" - L'intervento) Speech by the Regional Counsellor Massimo Mezzetti

Historic Institutes in Emilia-Romagna



What do you know about Legislative Assembly of Regione Emilia-Romagna? In order to become an active player in it, you must first learn more about institutions, how they work, the decisions they make and be aware of the themes they tackle.

ConCittadini was conceived for this purpose. It is a regional project by which regional parliament promotes interaction between the young and local institutions. In particular, it offers several opportunities meant to make the Legislative Assembly more open to people so that people will consequently grow more interested in this shared democracy-based system.

The goal, in short, is to involve you and strengthen your opinion about informed citizenship.

See website.

There is also another opportunity to study the role and function of the Assembly, to meet the members of the regional Council and Counsellors, express your own ideas and submit questions about the issues you are interested in. In fact, with your classmates, you can take part in one real session of the Assembly and see directly how the regional parliament works. Find out how you can do it. 



Do you want to have a better understanding of all this? Have a look at these insights. Here are just some of the many projects that were developed with the funds coming from the regional act 14/08 "Norme in materia di politiche per le giovani generazioni" on policies related to young. 



We are citizens of the world and must take care of it. Here is what you can do.

Would you like to invest some of your free time in some useful activities abroad? This experience can add value to your life, both from a professional and, above all, personal point of view.

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) offers the opportunity to participate in the daily work of the organizations that can host you abroad. Several sectors are involved: culture, environment, social welfare, civil protection, cooperation for development and many others.

No specific skills, experiences and languages are requested. You only have to be legally resident in one of the countries or partner-countries listed in the Programme and be aged 17 to 30.

Read database for the European Voluntary Service to find the Italian offices that can collect subscriptions and learn more from different projects.

Travel expenses will be partially reimbursed, together with food and accommodation expenses and local transfers. You will also be granted a monthly pocket-money which varies according to the country of destination.

The European Voluntary Service is a mobility project included in the Erasmus Plus European programme.

If you are looking for voluntary experiences on the organic farms or in a context of naturally sustainable lifestyle, you can address the Wwoof (Worldwide opportunities on organic farms) association.
Description: hosting farms will offer accommodation, meals and training related to environment, biodiversity and sustainable development to the voluntary wwoofers who, in return, will provide their unpaid job. When you join the WWOOF you will access the list of farms, eco-villages and projects held by the networked communities. Send an e-mail to WWOOF located in the country of your desired destination (remember to subscribe to the WWOOF of your target country, regardless your nationality). Read more.

Voluntary based experiences are also available at many Non-Governmental Organizations.Read the list of the organizations approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and find the nearest one.

You may already know that Civil Service can be also carried out abroad. If you are aged between 18 and 28 you can choose to work in one of the boards where projects are developed in connection to developing countries, humanitarian help, post-war missions and peace keeping. This represents a unique opportunity to learn more about far and different cultures, acquire deep knowledge of international situations. Participation may be subject to specific requirements such as education qualification and specific foreign languages. Reimbursements for travel expenses, vaccination and special benefits are granted. In our region the project named Caschi Bianchi (White Helmets) has involved an impressive number of young people committed in overseas Civil Service missions. Their interaction with the people from the South of the world and war zones inspired the idea called “Antenne di Pace” (Aerials of Peace), a website where reports and pictures describe the beauty of these countries but also the deep injustice affecting the daily life of millions of people.

If you haven’t got much time but still want to be helpful, you could choose Voluntary Camps(Campi di Volontariato). It is a short term experience, usually from 10 days up to 3 weeks, where you work together with a small group of volunteers from different countries. Various socially oriented activities are then developed about different issues (environmental protection, entertainment with kids, activities with refugees, cultural events, handmade labs and much more). The boards promoting these types of activities are copious. Here is a list of the most relevant ones:

If you live in the European Union, you can otherwise join youth exchanges where groups of young people (up to 60) from different countries will jointly accomplish a programme that they were asked to develop before their exchange. This will take from 5 up to 21 days, time for traveling not included. Requirements are 13 to 30 years old, citizenship in one of the EU countries where the boards in charge of these exchanges are located. Adults will take care and check real progress and youth’s safety. Travel, food and accommodation expenses will be partially reimbursed. Just like the European Voluntary Service, this project is included in the Erasmus Plus European mobility programme.

Other youth exchanges are being developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. They involve young people aged 18 to 35 and are aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue and arising mutual respect in the young generations. 

Learn more