Looking for a place to rent or to buy? Here you will find subsidies and some tips

Did you leave your region to come and study in Emilia-Romagna? Are you looking to settle down with your partner or simply want to move out your parents’ house? The Region Emilia-Romagna offers you programs and incentives to help you find and keep your own place.



The Region intends to help young men and women by providing them housing funds:

  • Funds to pay rent
  • Funds for rent arrears
  • Housing emergency funds

The Region, through the municipalities, provides subsidized public housing.

You can find more information on the thematic portal of the Emilia-Romagna housing policy.

If you study at the university, on the other hand, you can turn to ERGO to get more information on scholarship and benefits. ER-GO makes accommodations available to students in the 44 homes present in Emilia-Romagna at a lower rent, through a public contest, on the basis of merit and income. Other students can obtain the remaining housing at full rate.

Housing is assigned in two ways:

  • Free access
  • Subsidized access

If you have not found what you are looking for, you can consider an alternative solution: university housing (Collegi Universitari).

In Emilia Romagna the C.E.U.R. Foundation (Centro Europeo Università e Ricerca, European Center for University and Research) runs the University Housing. You can obtain a Camplus housing by participating in a public contest and taking an admission test. Tests usually are held in the months of July and September. The CEUR Foundation grants scholarships to students in need and, from the second year of residency in a Camplus housing, it is possible to access the “Borsa Talenti”, scholarship meant for the best students.

You don’t meet the requirements to access public subsides for the right to study and have to look for housing on your own?

You can contact the Informagiovani office nearest to you and search the many offro/cerco casa (housing for rent/sale and housing wanted) portals? available or look at the announcements on the university boards.

But don’t forget that you have the right to a regular contract!

Facing the rental market can be challenging: the different types of contract, some of which are meant for those looking for a short-time lease, and the rules or the administrative procedures involved, can be confusing. Here are some tips to avoid unpleasant surprises and know your rights:

Go on the Agenzia delle Entrate (Revenue Office) website to find useful information on how to register rental contracts or search the Bologna Homeline site to find the answers to your housing questions.

Tenant rights associations

You can turn to them for advice and support. These are the main ones in the Region:



Have you decided to buy an apartment? The Region, through the programme "Una casa alle giovani coppie ed altri nuclei familiari" (A home for young couples and other family units), offers funding up to 30.000 euro to buy your first home. The programme is thought for young couples, one-parent families, large families, family units who are forced to leave their housing for reasons other than arrearage, family units who have lost their rights to their public housing on income basis, and singles.

In addition the Region has an experimental programme of housing self-build which is meant to address the needs of low and medium income families. The programme 3000 alloggi per l'affitto e la prima casa di proprietà (3000 homes for rent and to buy your first home) intends to build housing for low-income people to be assigned for a maximum of ten years as short-term or long-term rentals and property housing.

You can find here a useful guide to buy your first home and to get more information on funding, taxes, and tax reliefs.

Associations for homeowners legal protection:


Don’t neglect your health! Go to doctors or clinics for advice or a check-up.

The Regional Health Service grants the necessary services to defend your health and get cured, providing equal access and treatments and services for everyone.

You can find all the necessary information about the Servizio Sanitario Regionale (Regional Health Service) on the ER Health website.

Did you leave your region to come and study here? If you want to stay in Emilia-Romagna for more than three months, with residency to study here, you have the right to freeaccess to a family doctor in Emilia-Romagna by temporarily renouncing to the doctor in your own city of origin.To choose a family doctor in Emilia-Romagna, you have to go to the local ASL (Local Health Agency) where you can find the list of the available doctors. You have to go to the CUP (Centro Unificato di Prenotazione, Medical Appointment Center) with a valid ID and your healthcare card (TEAM). Look for the one closest to your home!

If you don’t want to renounce your family doctor in your city of residence, you can visit any medical practice which is affiliated with the ASL and pay your copay. These expanses are tax deductible by presenting the receipts when you file your taxes.

To be temporarily enrolled as a student you should apply to a health service administrative office. Remember that:

  • If you are an Italian citizen, you should bring your TEAM (Tessera Europea Assicurazione Malattia, European Health Insurance Card) card, your paper health service card, a valid ID, a proof of your enrollment as a university student or a copy of your “libretto universitario”;
  • If you are a student of a EU member country, you need the TEAM card or the S1 form (once E106) issued by your country of origin in order to access the services offered by the National Health Services.
  • If you are a non EU student, you should have a private insurance which grants you medical assistance in Italy or enroll voluntarily in the National Health Service.


  • If you have dual citizenship and one is Italian, you have the right to access the National Health Service, therefore you can go to the Azienda Provinciale per i Servizi Sanitari (Province Agency for Health Service) bringing your Italian passport and a copy of the residence application sent to the municipality.

There might be other agreements between the University agencies and the USL (Local Health Agency).

Everyone, including citizens without visa or permit, has the right to receive emergency care.

Migrants without a visa have the right to a pediatrician or a family doctor until they turn 18 years old; every minor, whose parents are migrants without a visa, have the right to have a family doctor.

You can find all the necessary information on the E-R Health website.

The Regional Health Service grants assistance to anyone with psychic malaise or mental disease through prevention, treatment, rehab, and defense of the person’s rights.

For information
Call the toll free number of the Region Emilia-Romagna Health Service: 800033033 (landline number, only from Italy).



The Region provides a network of counseling services and facilities devoted to sexual, reproductive, and psycho-relational health of women, singles, couples, and families. Professionals such as obstetricians, gynecologists, and psychologists work in these facilities. To answer specific needs, other professional figures may be present (dieticians, nutritionists, geneticists, andrologists, healthcare workers, educators, etc.).

Access to the Consultorio is free, since you do not need to bring a doctor’s prescription. Consultori grant advice, counseling, and assistance.

The network of services includes:

You don’t need your family doctor’s prescription to access the consultorio familiare. Its services focus on the following areas: birth (pregnancy, puerperium, sterility, abortion), fertility control prevention and diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases, adolescence, menopause, sexuality (singles and couples), psychology (women’s health, couple therapy, personal malaise, separations, adoptions/foster care), prevention and early diagnosis of female genital tumors and gynecology.

The youth center is a service for youth between 14-19 years old (singles, couples or groups) who need a specific space where to deal with issues related to sexuality, love life, as well as gynecologic problems, issues related to contraception, and prevention. You can access this space for free (you don’t need a doctor’s prescription or to pay anything).

The services offered are the typical ones a “consultorio” offers: obstetrics and gynecology care, andrologist care, psychology clinical colloquium, obstetrician consultants for pregnancy and contraception, sexual education, counseling on abortion law. The youth center also realizes projects on health education, affectivity, and sexuality addressed to adolescents and caregivers (parents, teachers, educators). 

The Spazio donne, Center for migrant women and their children, is a primary service for women and children who have issues with language, culture, specific competences and aims to help women learn how access services autonomously. You don’t need an appointment to access this center that provides tailored acceptance and cultural mediators.


Some useful instruments to live well together, respecting genders and cultures

Mutual respect is the basis for a civil coexistence. The Region is committed to start projects on affective education for youth and adolescents with the aim of fighting any kind of discrimination.

Do you know our information and sensitization campaigns and on going projects? Here are the main ones:

  • W l'amore (We love love): sexual education project aimed to fight gender-based violence
  • No Bulls Bologna, education programs against bullying
  • TogethER – Emilia-Romagna youth and intercultural network: the project aims to promote youth interaction and participation through dialogue and intercultural education

There is also the Centro Regionale anti-discriminazioni, (Anti-discrimination Regional Center) aimed at sensitizing, informing, and preventing. On the Emilia-Romagna website you can find all the information, the documents, and the anti-discrimination center map present in the Region. You can turn to them for advice or to report an episode you were involved in or that you witness. We are all in it together!

A network of Centri e Case Antiviolenza (Anti-violence Centers and Residence) and other services meant to help women who are victim of violence or in difficulty. Gender-based violence ranges from verbal aggression to the most violent forms of physical aggression. These centers work on prevention and research on violence and on sensitization and aim at promoting a culture of respect for gender differences.

The Region actively supports victims but also aggressors; the “Centers for abusive men” –active in the Region- aim to sensitize men on this issue, to make them more aware of the phenomenon. Here you can find more information on the services available and on how to get in touch with them.

Talking about relationships… Did you know that Emilia-Romagna Region is particularly sensitive about supporting parenting? It has been developed an integrated network of services to help parents in every aspect of life:


Do you have a food intolerance or do you want to change diet? Here is how you can do it

The first step to feel good is to choose a healthy and balanced diet: we are what we eat!
The Region provides several services meant to promote healthy eating habits, such as food and nutrition hygiene regulated by the Dipartimenti di Sanità Pubblica delle Aziende Asl (Departments of Public Health of the local health service agencies).

Here are some campaigns and projects realized by the Region:

  • Eating healthy energizes your life: this campaign is addressed to middle school and high school students with the aim of fighting obesity and teach youth healthy eating habits.
  • Scegli con gusto e gusta in salute (Choose a taste and enjoy health): project for students of hotel and catering schools meant to promote a healthy diet and informed consumption mostly in terms of alcohol and to educate them as future operators of the catering industry.
  • Pane meno sale (saltless bread): the excessive consumption of salt, together with other risk factors nutrition related and insufficient physical activity, is at the root of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. This campaign sensitizes citizens and led to an agreement with regional baking association to reduce the amount of salt in baked products.
  • Watch out for your health! It is a system meant to monitor eating behaviors managed in collaboration with public and private schools of any level.

If you are gluten intolerant, thanks to a special program of the Emilia-Romagna Region, you have the possibility to get products for people who suffer from celiac disease everywhere in the Region. The service is subsidized by the Region and is available also in affiliated shops, not only in pharmacies. On the ER Salute website you can find all the necessary information. 

Finally, diabetes is a disease that can affect people very early in life. The Region has promoted a sensitization campaign addressed mostly to parents, teachers, and doctors.

If instead you need help or want to have more information on Disturbi del Comportamento Alimentare (DCA), (Eating Disorders) due to an altered relationship with food and your body, you can turn to one of the centers of the Aziende Sanitarie (Health Agency) or of the Center for mental health of your ASL. You can find all the addresses on a dedicated page on the ER Salute website.



At home, at school, at work. With these services we tear down barriers.

Overcoming disability is possible! The Region is on your side and is actively working to support the life project of people with disabilities, like you, providing multiple services to answer different needs and to allow you to live your life at its fullest.

Here are the initiatives, with some specific services, meant to help you overcome disability at home, at school, at work, with some specific services.



Emilia-Romagna Region measures: 



The Emilia-Romagna Region, together with the local governments, promotes a series of initiatives to support the acquisition of didactic devices, fixed equipment and transportation equipment. Everyone has the right to receive an education.


Here are some opportunities the Region offers, in collaboration with the local governments:



For you and your family, to grant you the possibility to have someone to support you. Here are the measures taken by the Region:


Break the chains and keep the freedom to choose. Look at these projects.

If you think you are at a dead end and want to turn your life around, don’t be afraid. The Region is very concerned with the issue of dependency and offers a range of opportunities so that you can always choose.

The Region grants a system of services of prevention and cure of addictions through the "Programma Regionale dipendenze" (Regional Programme for addictions), aiming to a ever larger integration among the SerT (Servizi per le tossicodipendenze, Services for the drug addictions), accredited facilities, voluntary associations and Local Governments.

Here are the links to the most important initiatives of the Region:


Basketball, football, swimming, rugby... choose your sport and find the facility closest to you

In Emilia-Romagna you have the opportunity to practice any kind of sport. What is your passion? Basketball, skating, cycle, water polo, rugby, football, and much more… don’t worry, you just have to start moving and we take care of the rest!

Matching a healthy diet with a suitable sports activity brings about many advantages for your psychological and physical wellbeing. Sport fosters fundamental values such as friendship, solidarity, loyalty, teamwork, self-discipline, self-esteem, self-confidence, trust, respect, leadership, but also interdependence.

The Region intends to make sport practice available to everyone. Here are some of the initiatives that might interest you:

On the Emilia-Romagna website, you can find the sportive facilities. Choose the sport you want to practice and find the facility closest to you!