For a creative future

Culture in Emilia Romagna is becoming more and more youth oriented. Many opportunities are offered in terms of graduate and post-graduate courses, art labs, cinema, dance, journalism, literature and theatre, competitions and events, recruitment in creative jobs. Here are some useful tips to discover all opportunities in your area.

You may first think of a university course related to cultural and creative subjects, choosing among four Universities, Academy of fine arts, Conservatori and Music Schools located in the region.

Read the offers divided by provinces:



In Bologna you can enrol to Accademia di Belle Arti o il Conservatorio di Musica "Giovan Battista Martini or one of the following three-year degree courses at Università degli Studi di Bologna:

If you have already accomplished a university diploma, you may carry on your training with one of the following two-year master’s degree

These are two single-cycle specialist degree courses that may be interested for you. They are 5 or 6 years long: 

Check out Master’s degrees, PhDs, specialization’s courses from the University’s portal, in order to learn about the updated offers disponibilità formativa - available courses.



In Ferrara you can enrol to Conservatorio G. Frescobaldi or one of the following three-year degree courses at Università degli Studi di Ferrara:

Here are the two-year master’s degree courses:

You can also choose the single-cycle specialist degree course in Architettura - Architecture (double degree with University of Curitiba, Brazil). 



Here are some interesting offers:

Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali Orazio Vecchi
Istituto Pareggiato Achille Peri di Reggio Emilia 
Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “Claudio Merulo”

You can alsochoose the three-year degree course at the Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia about Scienze della comunicazione or Scienze della cultura.

If you have already accomplished a university diploma, you may carry on your training with one of the following master’s degrees: 



In Parma you can enrol to Conservatorio di Musica Arrigo Boito or University. 

The most appropriate three-year courses for you creative inclination are:

And these are the master’s degree courses:



In case you are interested in dancing or theatre, you can contact one of the nearest offices of the provinces. There you will be given advice in order to choose the course that best suits your inclinations. Read more from Ert- Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione and Ater – Associazione Teatrale EmiliaRomagna.
If you love music and singing, or you want to learn how to play a musical instrument, check on Scuole di musica riconosciute dalla Regione Emilia-Romagna. You may also develop a music career in one of the following schools: Conservatori e Istituti musicali pareggiati.
Specializing schools and accredited board in Emilia-Romagna provide the level of knowledge and skills needed for the cinema and audio-visual industry. Read more Su questo sito trovi i corsi finanziati.
IBC - l'istituto per i Beni Artistici,Culturali e Naturali (the Institute of Artistic, Cultural and Natural Heritage of Emilia-Romagna) recognises the relevant contribution of youth. Among many others, there are two projects dedicated to the young and adolescents: Io amo i beni culturali, (aimed at enhancing our heritage) and Giovani per il territorio, (various associations can develop different creative projects about the artistic regional beauties).


See, make, create.

Every day, in Emilia Romagna, hundreds of cultural events take place and this is why you can attend cinemas, theatres, museums, clubs with special fees and discounts. Read about our several offers here Cartellone, the schedule of regional events, daily updated, and certainly interesting for you free time.

If you wish to be networked, share your projects and works, find the right places for your art, then this is the right site with some useful information for you.

First of all, let us introduce GAER (Giovani Artisti Emilia-Romagna / Young Artists Emilia Romagna), a project aimed at promoting the creativity of local young artists. Registered users can access a self-managed virtual area, being daily updated, find information about artistic and cultural events in the region, enrol to calls for contests, get in touch with young editors, share their works and profiles on different Social Networks, speak with other artists and gain “social” visibility.

Here are some details about different sectors:



Is music your great passion? Do you want to promote your tunes? Magazzini Sonori and FreeZone are digital area promoted by the region where young artists can upload their tracks. The goal is to highlight our artistic heritage.

Have you ever heard of Radio Emilia-Romagna? Our web-radio offers news about music, events in the region and can be listened to at any time of the day, from desktop and mp3.

Lear more about our podcast.

Are you looking for a rehearsal studio? Here you can also find the nearest locations in the region dedicated to that.



If art is your passion and want to learn more about the works of art in the region, you can read catalogo del Patrimonio Culturale dell'Emilia-Romagna, a data bank about the historic and cultural sites of the region with opening hours and addresses.

Find further information about contemporary art on the website IBC - Istituto per i Beni Artistici Culturali e Naturali.



Are you looking for a job in the cinema industry or have you already started your own cinema company? Emilia Romagna now offers a wide range of opportunities in this sector, too. Every year, the fund called Fondo per l'Audiovisivo promotes calls for production, development and Training.

If you are a young author and want to promote your skills, or you are searching for skilled profiles to involve in your audio-visual projects (costume designers, photographers, stage technicians and hairstylists) you can contact Emilia-Romagna Film Commission, and look up in Guida alla produzione, the data bank for professionals in the cinema industry.

Are you planning to go to the cinema and want to know about the latest movies in the nearby? On the website of ANEC – Associazione Nazionale Esercenti Cinema – you will find information about the movies, their technical sheets, the cinema halls and any additional details.

Not happy yet?

The new regional portal on Cinema may provide further information about cinema auditoriums currently available and about the movies that are being shot in various locations, along with cinema festivals, relevant events and focuses on sets and protagonists.

The FICE (Italian Federation of Art House Cinema) which has long been promoted by Regione Emilia-Romagna aims at arranging events connected to high level cinema. The website includes news about movies, movie makers and associated cinemas.



Live shows have always had a leading role. This is why the region has financed all sectors (prose, research theatre, children’s theatre, dancing, contemporary circus, street theatre, etc.) and supported production and distribution of shows and festivals (for example “"roBot Festival", "Ferrara sotto le stelle", "Beaches Brew", "Spiagge soul", "A cielo aperto", "Barezzi live", "Arti Vive Festival", "Tutto molto bello", "Manzoni factory pop and jazz", "#lecosechesuccedono", "#nuovo Mei" for the music, "Dinamico Festival" for the contemporary circus", "Danza Urbana" for the dance).

If you are looking for tools and services for your productions, learn more about “Music Centre” in Modena, a centre that promotes creativity and music production of the youth, with tutorials and events such as "Soundtracks – musica da film", and the Rete Anticorpi for the training and promotion of high quality dance for youth; the Premio Scenario dedicated to the development of new theatre languages for research, civil commitment, new audience.

Also, Emilia-Romagna offers "Artistic Residences" that are places dedicated to original projects and scheduled shows of young groups of emerging actors.

Learn more on the website